Banyan Hills Neighborhood


Banyan Hills Fall 2022 Newsletter

Dear Banyan Hills Friends & Neighbors! 

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to update the neighborhood with current news, information, and a couple requests. We have seen an influx of many new residents during the past couple years. Homes in our neighborhood have appreciated significantly and sell quickly. Please reach out and meet your new neighbors! When we know each other, we improve the safety of our homes and families.

Current Contact Information for ALL our residents is imperative! Please email or text your name(s), address, phone and email ASAP to Amber Goetsch at or 402-612-0346 so you may be included in the 2023 Edition of the Banyan Hills Neighborhood Directory. When we don’t have your phone number, we can’t call to tell you left your garage door open, or if a raccoon is setting up housekeeping under your deck. Even if your contact information has not changed, please contact Amber so she can verify she has your current information.

The Banyan Hills Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, 7:00-8:00 pm at the Good Shepherd Baptist Church located at 169th & Pacific. We would really like to see both old and new residents in attendance. The meeting will be brief, and it’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbors! Even if you cannot attend, please call Doug Horner at 402-330-2269 to join the board or volunteer.

Board Members & Volunteers Needed! The Banyan Hills Homeowners Association has operated with minimal volunteers for many years. We really need NEW members to serve on the board, the architectural committee, and more residents volunteering for simple projects. Responsibilities are generally minimal. The City of Omaha even provides FREE dumper trucks in the Spring & Fall for Neighborhood Clean-up Day! Unfortunately, nobody is willing to volunteer, so we only participate in the Spring event. Please contact Doug Horner to find out more about how you can contribute.

Electrical Power to the Entryway – Unfortunately, the entryway to Banyan Hills located at 173rd and Pacific has been without power for the past year. That little island greets our guests and families, as well as prospective new homeowners. It’s in the best interest of all homeowners to keep it looking great. The electrical wire below the street is broken and the Homeowners Association is responsible for locating the break, pulling up that part of the street, and making the repairs at considerable expense. As a result, we will not have holiday lights this year. However, we are currently researching ways of lighting up the entryway without breaking the bank.

Exterior Improvements such as new paint, fences, roofs, and siding must be pre-approved by the Architectural Committee – Doug Horner or Terry Murphy. For many of us, our homes are our most valuable assets. It is the responsibility of every homeowner to maintain your home and yard to protect your investment and that of your neighbors. Please contact a board member if you have questions about maintaining your property, or if you have a child who would like to earn some extra money mowing.

Mailbox Renovation Project over the past several months ALL mailboxes and posts in our neighborhood have either been replaced or refurbished. Thank you to Mike Sandoval who worked closely with a private contractor to accomplish this project in a timely manner. Please contact Mike Sandoval at 402-614-2980 if your mailbox requires repairs or replacement in the future.

We have a lovely neighborhood that has generally been well maintained. Our schools are among the best in Nebraska, and you can walk to the grocery or even the hospital if you are able. Let’s keep things looking great and please consider volunteering to keep Banyan Hills a safe and attractive place to live.

Banyan Hills Spring 2022 Newsletter

NEW RESIDENTS – please email or text your name, address, cell phone number to Amber Goetsch at or text me 402-612-0346 so you can be added to the Banyan Hills Homeowner’s Database. See the back of this newsletter for the names of your street reps and board members. You may also join our private neighborhood website at

Neighborhood Garage Sales – this event has been scheduled for Friday & Saturday, April 29 & 30. Please contact Ginger at or at 402-330-1443 if you plan to participate!

Spring Cleanup Project – Volunteers Required – the City of Omaha is hosting a FREE Neighborhood Cleanup program this Spring. This is a great opportunity to get rid of junk in and around your home. But we cannot participate in this program without VOLUNTEERS. This event will be held on Saturday May 7th, 9:00-2:00. Volunteers will be asked to meet in the Spring Ridge Elementary parking lot by 8:30 and direct the flow of vehicles dropping off items until 2:00. Please contact Terry Murphy at 402-334-7516 if you would like to volunteer.

Boy Scout Aluminum Can Collection – Going forward, do NOT leave your aluminum cans at the entryway to Banyan Hills. Please contact Monte Taylor at 402-917-3978 with your address. Cans will be picked up at your curb on the first Saturday of the month prior to 10 a.m.

Tree Vandalism – there is currently a malicious “Tik-Tok Challenge” to cut down a tree with an ax and post it on Tik-Tok. Trees are an investment of time and money, and an important part of our neighborhood! This is a serious crime! One tree has already been destroyed on West Poppleton Avenue, and an investigation is under way. Anyone caught cutting down a tree in Banyan Hills will be prosecuted for destruction of property.

Annual Homeowner’s Dues – Statements for your annual dues of $55.00 were mailed out in January and are due now. Submit your payment electronically using

VENMO, or by check payable to Banyan Hills HOA, and mailed to: Banyan Hills HOA, PO Box 540041, Omaha, NE 68154

Mailbox Repairs please contact Mike Sandoval at 402-614-2980 if your mailbox requires repairs or replacement.

Garbage Dumpsters & Lawn Care – PLEASE store your garbage and recycle dumpsters out of sight on the side of your home or inside your garage. Our covenants require that you mow your lawn on a weekly basis. It is imperative that ALL residents maintain their property for the sake of everyone. Contact Doug Horner at 402-657-8994 if you have any questions.

BHN Seniors Group – Participants meet at the HyVee Café located at 180th & Pacific, on the second Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. for coffee. Contact Joanne Johnson at or 402-991-9190 for more information.