Banyan Hills Neighborhood

Jack & Sadie

This is a story about two very special neighbors - Jack & Sadie.  After Jack's wife passed away several years ago, his friends and neighbors, Steve and Jody, worried about Jack being alone.  (Steve and Jody rescue and foster Basset Hounds.)  They thought Sadie, a beautiful tri-colored Basset, might make a good companion for Jack!  Jack didn't think he wanted a dog, but agreed to keep Sadie a couple days a week.  This went on for awhile and, as Steve and Jody had hoped, Jack and Sadie became best friends.  Eventually Jack agreed to adopt the loveable hound, and they have shared a very special friendship ever since.  I often see Jack and Sadie walking around Banyan Hills, or relaxing on their deck as I'm leaving for work.  Just seeing them together makes my heart smile.  Thank you, Steve and Jodie, for helping Jack and Sadie find each other.

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