Banyan Hills Neighborhood


Banyan Hills Covenants

Article IV

Architectural Control


Architectural Committee Members:

               Terry Murphy - 402-334-7516 -

               Doug Horner - 402-330-2269 -


Section 1.        No dwelling; building; fence; wall; pathway; driveway; patio; patio cover or enclosure; deck; rock garden; tree house; swimming pool; tennis court; dog house; flag pole; solar heating or cooling collection panels; device or equipment; tool shed or any other external improvement shall be constructed, erected, placed, planted, altered or otherwise maintained or permitted to remain on any lot; nor shall any grading, excavation, or tree removal be commenced without express prior written approval of the Architectural Committee (see above).  A written response will be given within 2 weeks of submission.


Section 2.        The Architectural Committee shall consider general appearance, exterior colors, architectural character, harmony of external design and location in relation to surroundings, topography, location within the lot boundary lines, quality of construction, size and suitability for residential purposes as part of its review procedure.


Only exterior colors of certain earth-tone/neutral hues will be acceptable, and MUST be pre-approved by a member of the Architectural Committee.  The Architectural Committee reserves the right to deny permission to paint, construct or place any improvements which it determines will not conform to the general character, plan and outline for the Banyan Hills neighborhood.


Section 3.        Documents submitted for approval shall be clear, concise, complete, consistent and legible.  All drawings shall be to scale.  Samples of materials (i.e. exterior color(s), type and color of siding, type of fencing, type and color of shingles) to be included in the improvement may be required at the discretion of the Architectural Committee.


Section 4.        Written notice of any approval of a proposed improvement shall be mailed, hand-delivered, or e-mailed to the owner within two weeks from the date of submission of the plans.  If written notice of approval is not mailed or delivered within two weeks, the proposed improvement shall be deemed refused by the Architectural Committee.


Article V

General Restrictions


Section 1 – Residential Purposes Only – Each lot shall be used exclusively for single-family residential purposes.


Section 2 – Fences, Etc. – Only 6-foot wooden board-on-board fences are approved for the Banyan Hills neighborhood.  No fence shall be erected or permitted to remain in front of the minimum building setback line applicable to any lot.  No fences or walls shall exceed a height of 6 feet.  No “temporary fencing” is allowed under any circumstances.  No swimming pool shall be permitted which extends more than 1 foot above ground level.


Section 3 – Temporary Structures – No trailer, basement, tent, shack, shed, garage, barn or any other outbuilding shall at any time be used for human habitation.


Section 4 – Livestock & Poultry Prohibited – No stable or other shelter for any livestock, fowl or poultry shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted, except that a doghouse shall be permitted, provided the constructions plans, specifications and location have first been approved in writing by the Architectural Committee.  Dog runs and dog houses shall be placed at the rear of the building, concealed from public view.  No more than three dogs or cats may be kept, and they may not be bred or maintained for commercial purposes.


Section 9 – Maintenance of Lawns & Equipment – Any exterior air conditioning condenser unit shall be place in the rear or side yard so as not to be visible from public view.  No grass, weed or other vegetation will be grown or permitted to constitute a public nuisance, or detract from a neat and trim appearance.


Section 10 – Vehicles, Trailers & Equipment – No repair of boats, automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, campers or similar vehicles requiring a continuous time period in excess of 48 hours shall be permitted on any lot at any time.  Nor shall vehicles offensive to the neighborhood be visibly stored, parked or abandoned on any lot.


No boat, camper, trailer, mobile home, truck, aircraft, tractor, heavy equipment, semi-tractor/trailer, camper truck or similar chattel shall be stored on any part of a lot for more than 20 days within a calendar year.  No motor vehicle may be parked or stored outside on any lot except vehicles driven on a regular basis by the occupants of the dwelling located on such lot. 


The complete neighborhood covenants are located in the back of your "Banyan Hills Neighborhood Directory"